Friday, October 28, 2005

Bucks re-aquire Anthony Mason!!

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Ok, so Jamaal Magloire is not Anthony Mason, but you have to admit, this has some major parallels. Here's my question:

Why do the Bucks always trade the players who want to be in Milwaukee?

First Scott Williams (screw that Eastern Conference finals crap!), then Glen Robinson (ok, so this trade worked out better than anyone could have expected), then Ray Allen (how could Payton possibly turn down $14 million and all the strip club visits he wants?), and now this. I'm not saying Magloire isn't talented, (in fact, he is probably better than Mase, at least on paper), I'm just saying he doen't fit chemistry-wise. And get this, the Milwaukee Urinal-Sentinnal is coming out with a Bucks preview section on Tuesday that asks on its cover "Do the Bucks have the right chemistry?" Needless to say they came up with this before the Bucks decided to trade their second best player, and one who was the most active in the community. I was willing to give Larry Harris a mulligan on the awful botched firing of Terry Porter because I like Terry Stotts, but this definitively proves that Larry Harris really is, as Mason put it "a snake in the grass." Larry has unquestionable talents as a talent evaluator (Brian Skinner, Damon Jones, Zaza Pachulia, Mo Williams, all were his doing), but he needs to take a lesson from D-Mase in character and integrity. Apparently Larry got it from his dad, Del Harris, who was generous to take the time out of his schedule to coach a bunch of Chinese Communist zealots (and that includes Yao) and support the evil Chinese government by coaching their basketball team in the Olympics. (Seriously, what was that all about? Do you have no conscience at all? No self-respecting athlete or human being should support the economy of that country by participating in the Olympics there.) I won't boo Magloire (at least until he turns into Jason Caffey), but if I ever see Larry Harris up on the big screen I'll definitely be the loudest one.

Bottom line, we should never have drafted Bogut. It wasn't Larry's fault that the year we happen to get the first choice, there was no one in the draft worthy of it. It wasn't Larry's fault that Shareef Abdur-Rahim turned down $20 million more than any other team was offering and guaranteed 40 minutes a night (I didn't know that Milwaukee was so bad that you would turn down both of those things and would rather live in New Jersey-yuck!- or Sacramento. Isn't Sacramento just Milwaukee-West with a whole lot more cows?) To Harris' credit, Magloire is relatively cheap and young, but it is Harris' fault when he starts complaining halfway through the season about not getting enough touches (like he did in New Orleans) and demands to be traded to Toronto (as he did in New Orleans).

The Urinal did have a great article today on what a great guy Mason was, getting involved in the Milwaukee community and even-gasp-making Milwaukee his year round home. What a shame it is that he has to get traded to the most pathetic team in the league, while Michael Redd, who Mason is just as good as, gets 90 million dollars and gets called a franchise player.

D-Mase! You will be missed!