Saturday, October 29, 2005

Mason trade update

Well, it turns out that Desmond Mason asked for a trade during the summer because he felt uneasy about the way the Bucks were moving in the off season, i.e. signing a "replacement" in Bobby Simmons. He asked Larry Harris for a trade, and after initially agreeing to try to help facilitate that, Mase was called in by owner Senator Herb Kohl and coach Terry Stotts and was told that under no circumstances would he be traded and he was a big part of the Bucks future. This is also what Mase was told in Seattle before he was traded to Milwaukee along with Gary Payton in exchange for Ray Allen. He let the issue drop until he found out about the trade by phone from Larry Harris.

See, this is why I gave the Bucks a 1 for "does not apply at all" on the ESPN sportsnation poll for "honesty of management." Once again, best of luck Mase.