Sunday, October 30, 2005

The only Power Rankings that matter...mine!

Dallas Mavericks

Here are my so-called Power Rankings. While I think these things are dumb (what effect will thay have on the season anyway?) I thought I should give an abbreviated look at what I feel will happen in the upcoming season, just in case you care and also so I'm on record later as being a genius. So here goes.

1. Dallas-A quiet offseason for once, they now have a true leader and go-to guy, plus chemistry.
2. San Antonio-Offseason moves were overrated, as is their entire team.
3. Miami-Team to beat in the East until proven otherwise.
4. Houston-Caught fire at the end of last year; would make a serious run if not for the NBA's idiotic playoff format.
5. Cleveland-Y'all ready for this...dun dun dun. Should stay atop the East for next decade.
6. Detroit-Flip not known for great playoff success, plus they still don't have a bench.
7. Indiana-I'll believe these guys are contenders when I see it.
8. New Jersey-Kidd worked magic before. If he has anything left after surgery, he will again.
9. Sacramento-Oh, how the mighty have fallen. They should still be pretty good, though.
10. Minnesota-Dire predictions are way off base. They still have KG! Hello!
11. Denver-They'll have one good run before George Karl works his team-ruining "magic"
12. Philadelphia-Solid nucleus for once and finally a coach Iverson respects.
13. Seattle-McMillan was an underrated loss, but most of the team is still the same. Just keep hitting those threes.
14. Phoenix-If you thought the injury to Amare was bad, look at their bench. Yikes!
15. Golden State-Everything depends on Baron Davis' health. If he's hurt, they're 25th.
16. Chicago- One year wonders might just make it two.
17. Milwaukee-Magloire trade makes the Bucks the biggest question mark in the league
18. Utah-Full years from Kirilenko and Boozer plus competent play from Williams might sneak them into the playoffs.
19. Orlando-It's all on Howard now. If he becomes elite, Magic could make playoffs.
20. L.A. Lakers-Aaron (bleeping) Mckie? A starter? Sorry, there's just not enough talent.
21. Washington-With no Hughes and Arenas' injury history, one-year wonders won't make it two.
22. Memphis-No more playoffs for these guys for a long time.
23. New York-Once again, I'll believe it when I see it.
24. L.A. Clippers-Starting five ain't bad, but the bench is. Besides, this is the Clippers.
25. Boston-This team is just a little too young to do much this year.
26. Portland-This team has some talent and a good coach, but no chemistry.
27. Charlotte-As long as the effort is still there they should beat out Atlanta again.
28. Toronto- They lost to a team from another country, how are they gonna win in the NBA?
29. Atlanta-Damon Jones, Earl Watson, Brevin Knight, and Jason Hart were all on the market, and they took Joe Johnson.
30. New Orleans/Oklahoma City-This is just pathetic.