Friday, October 28, 2005

Paul Silas Has No Brain

In the Journal today, they pointed out that just-hired ESPN analyst and former Hornets and Cavaliers coach Paul Silas called the Bucks' trade of Desmond Mason for Jamaal Magloire a "no-brainer.":

"When you can get a Jamaal Magloire for a Desmond Mason, that's a no brainer."

Well, "Coach" Silas, it's also a no-brainer that if you have a Baron Davis, a David Wesley, a Jamal Mashburn, a P.J. Brown, a Elden Campbell, a Courtney Alexander, a Jerome Moiso, and a Jamaal Magloire, you should have been able to win the Eastern Conference title in '00, '01, '02, and '03, in the super-weak East of those years. It's also a no-brainer that if you have a Lebron James on your team you should be able to win enough games to not get fired.

I guess that means you have less than no brain.

Which explains why ESPN hired you.