Sunday, October 30, 2005

Thanks for sucking, Green Bay Packers!

I repeat: thanks for sucking, guys.

"I wish my team didn't suck!"

I meant to post this yesterday, but I just wanted to point out that for the first time I can remember, a Bucks story (the Jamaal Magloire trade) got lead billing on the evening sportscast during football season. Then I watched again the next day and the Bucks got the lead story again! Alas, on the third day the lead story was about the Wisconsin Badgers, but at least it wasn't the Packers! I'm writing this right after Brett Favre just threw his third interception with the Packers down 14-7. I can only hope this means more coverage for the Bucks, Panthers, Golden Eagles, Admirals, Badgers, Wave, Wave United and every other sports team from Wisconsin that ever fet slighted by the bulk of the evening newscasts being devoted to yet another blown coverage by Ahmad Carrol, Mark Roman or (fill in any Packers defensive player here). I like Brett Favre, but for the rest of you, keep it up suckers!