Sunday, November 06, 2005

Larry Harris' extension

"I'm zorry for zrinking and zriving!"

Considering how much I dislike Larry Harris for the way he handled the Mason trade and the Porter firing, you might think I would be unhappy with the 2 year extension he recently recieved. Well, I'm not. I've never argued his player evaluation skills, as I've said before, I just don't like him personally. This is the opposite of what you usually hear in the sports world. Usually someone is a terrible GM, but he's not supposed to take that personally; he's probably a great guy. Larry Harris is the opposite. He has terrible personal relations skills. At least he ate some humble pie at the press conference for his announcement, saying his biggest regret is the wayhe handled the Porter firing. While I think Sen. Kohl probably made him say that, he's still a good GM and I'd rather have him running this team than almost anyone else in the league. The Bucks have been extremely fortunate to have 2 good (great?) GMs in a row, with Ernie Grunfeld and now Harris. As long as Harris doesn't lose his mojo, the Bucks should be in good shape for a while. So here's a grudging congratulations, Larry.

Let the above photo be a symbol of my dislike of Larry the Drunken sailor.