Sunday, November 06, 2005

Maybe I AM right.

A few thoughts from around the web regarding my predictions.

-First, Bill Simmons has his NBA preview up at and it seems my complaints abouth ESPN's rankings are starting to be discovered by other writers. Simmons, too, complains of Mark Blount getting a seven (out of ten) in the player rankings. He also lists Dallas as one of the teams that are underrated going into the season. We'll find out Saturday how good Dallas really is when they face San Antonio in Dallas. But then he goes off his rocker by saying Seattle will not repeat last season's success because (among other things) "they'll miss what Jerome James gave them." What a selfish moron who plays 5 minutes a game and picks up 3 fouls? Yeah, right. But he bounces back later with a hilarious crack about how Nene is out for the season after hurting his "kn-knee." He also made a great joke about how David Stern would have handled Hurricane Katrina had he been president and how it relates to the NBA dress code. Check it out:

-Page 2's Patrick Hruby also writes a great column about myths of the NBA. They include:
  • NBA players can't shoot
  • The draft lottery is rigged
  • Stars get the calls
  • Fans can affect free-throw shooting (this one is interesting)

The best part is when he talks about how some people think the NBA doesn't play a team game. and he guesses as to how Spike Lee would trash the NBA in "Do the Right Thing," in one of those face-the-camera monologues:

"Hot-dogging, no-passing, me-first one-on-one streetballing, Iverson jacking 50 shots, Kobe shooting over three defenders while four guys stand in the corner checking out the Laker girls, that's why you won a bronze medal at the Olympics, can't play as a team, I hate this game, whatever happened to Hickory High and the '72-73 Knicks, losers!"

This is also worth checking out, as this is some of the best NBA writing at ESPN in a long time.