Saturday, November 12, 2005

No Seattle! NOOOOOO!

"That's how we do it in Racine, bitch!"

Oh my god. Please tell me that Seattle game against Washington wasn't real. I knew they kind of sucked this year, losing by 25 to Memphis and by 27 to the Cavs in back-to-back games, but 137-96 to Washington? Larry Hughes-less Washington? Jared Jeffries-in-the-starting-lineup- Washington? A-guy-who-got-shot-two-months-ago-in-his-first-game-ever-coming-straight-out-of-high-school-scoring-5-points-Washington? By 41? 41! What the hell. I thought they would be mildly worse without Antonio Daniels and especially Nate McMillan, but everyone seemed fine with the hiring of Bob Weiss, and this is pretty much the same team from last year.

John Hollinger wrote a column on the disappointing start of the Sonics (and Kings) at, but that was before the Washington loss. He says that the reason Seattle and Sacramento are playing poorly is because they are shooting poorly, which isn't good for two teams that aren't good defensively.

I'm only writing about this because former Buck Ray Allen is on the Sonics and was actually playing well before the Washington game but he got no help whatsoever. Ray, I feel for you.